Capital asset management tools and templates

Capital asset management tools and templates

Last updated 12 June 2019
Last updated 12 June 2019

We have developed tools and templates to help improve their capital asset management (CAM) systems and processes.

Editable tools for planning your capital asset management

We intend TEIs to use these tools as internal planning documents for capital asset management to help your internal operations and reporting.

The tools are editable so you can amend them for your own use. We encourage you to share models of best practice with each other and to work with asset management specialists to develop and improve these tools.

The four planning tools are: 

  • Service Justification Spreadsheet – an internal planning document to help you record and describe the education service justification for capital investment
  • Asset Management Plan – a planning template to help you communicate your asset management planning and purchasing intentions
  • Asset Management Standard – a standard developed with asset management experts for reviewing CAM in and
  • Exemplar Improvement Plan – a plan developed by external asset management experts based on the standard above.

Service Justification Spreadsheet (XLS 136 KB)

Asset Management Plan (DOC 985 KB) 

Asset Management Standard (PDF 1.6 MB) 

Exemplar Improvement Plan (PDF 1.2 MB) 

These four tools are open source but the intellectual property belongs to the TEC and should be acknowledged as such.

Our asset management workshops to share sector knowledge

We have run a number of asset management workshops for TEIs since 2012. Selected presentations from these workshops are published below.

Asset Management Workshop – November 2017



Agenda (PDF 109 KB) 

Tertiary Education Commission

MCO Overview (PPTX 1.7 MB) 

Tertiary Education Commission

CAM and CIP Feedback to TEIs (PPTX 6.1 MB) 

Tertiary Education Commission

AM Maturity Target Setting (PPTX 3.9 MB) 

SPM Assets

AM Maturity findings 2015 - 2017 specific to the Tertiary Sector (PPTX 3 MB) 

Audit New Zealand

Impact of new lease standards (PPTX 2.9 MB) 

Ernst & Young

Te Paetara Raraunga (a cloud based storage system) (PDF 1.5 MB) 

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

Student Accommodation Village (faster, light smart build) (PDF 1.5 MB) 

Otago Polytechnic

2016 NZBT+ Results (PDF 1.6 MB) 

Tribal Group

Workshop Evaluation summary & feedback (DOCX 351 KB) (PDF 109 KB) 

Tertiary Education Commission

Asset Management Workshop – Nov 2015

We held this workshop to inform TEIs about the new Cabinet Circular CO(15)5 – Investment Management and Asset Performance in the State Services. The workshop was an opportunity for TEI practitioners to receive new information, engage with peers across the sector and learn from asset management exemplars.

The agenda covered a range of asset management related topics.

Investment Approach (PPTX 2.5 MB) 

Tertiary Education Commission

Capital Intention Plans and CAM assessments (PPT 2.1 MB) 

Tertiary Education Commission

Independent CAM reviews (PDF 1.4 MB) 

SPM Assets

Investment Management and Asset Performance in the State Services: Update (PPTX 1.9 MB) 


The Treasury

Wellington City Council assets (PPT 8 MB) 

Wellington City Council

Crown Asset Transfer and Disposal Policy (PPTX 2.3 MB) 

Tertiary Education Commission

Heritage assessment of Crown land for disposal/transfer (PDF 4.9 MB) 

Heritage New Zealand

NZBT and supporting the sector (PDF 1.2 MB) 


Asset Management Workshop – Feb 2013



Victoria University of Wellington: Linking organisational strategy to levels of service and asset planning (PDF 99 KB) 

Victoria University of Wellington

SPM: Developing Measures of Asset Performance (PDF 1.4 MB) 


Some Feedback from Independent CAM Reviews (PDF 1.4 MB) 


NorthTec: Capital Asset Planning (PDF 137 KB) 


NZDF: Strategy to Capability (PDF 1.2 MB)  


Asset Management Workshop – Feb 2012



TEC: Capital Asset Management Workshop (PDF 1.2 MB) 


Tertiary Education Capital Asset Management Workshop: Asset Management Assessment Tool (PDF 2 MB) 


Auckland Council: Asset Management within the Local Government Sector (PDF 1 MB) 

Auckland Council

Victoria University of Wellington: Practical Strategic Asset Management Planning (PDF 704 KB) 

Victoria University

Asset Management Plans (PDF 932 KB) 


Unitec: Education Service Planning: Service Levels and Demand Planning (PDF 2.5 MB)


State-Sector Guidance on Seismic Risk (PDF 242 KB)