Phishing response guidance

Aratohu urupare hītinihanga

Last updated 17 June 2024
Last updated 17 June 2024

This guidance is to help your organisation respond to a phishing email to reduce its impact on your business as much as possible.

Phishing Response Guidance – overview

Because preparation is key to readiness and resilience, we’re helping you to tackle some important early considerations, like roles and responsibilities. We then cover what to do after an event.

We’ve also included some valuable resources, like further advice and templates, so you can make sure you have the right tools ready to go.

Phishing Response Guidance overview (PDF 1.2 MB)

Phishing Response Flow Diagram – what to do during an event

If someone in your organisation has reported a potential phishing attempt, refer to the flow diagram and its criticality levels to determine the required actions based on your analysis of the situation.  

Phishing Response Flow Diagram (PDF 808 KB)