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Funding and performance

We invest in a wide range of tertiary education organisations and work closely with them to ensure that they deliver the best possible outcomes for New Zealanders. As well as providing insight into educational performance, this section includes information and resources for tertiary education organisations, including details about each of our funds.

Monitoring the tertiary education sector

We monitor the performance of tertiary education organisations and report the results to the Minister responsible for tertiary education. This section incl…

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Explore funding information

We support the Government in helping to ensure that New Zealanders have the knowledge and skills they need for a successful working life. This section incl…

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Reporting and data collection

Reporting and data collection is crucial for maintaining a culture of transparency and high performance in tertiary education. With easy-to-follow material…

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Resources for investment

We provide most of our funding through a process that requires tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to submit an Investment Plan, although some funds ar…

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Explore performance information

An important part of our role is monitoring the performance of the tertiary education organisations we fund. We monitor everything from course and qualific…

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Business calendar

Keep track of all the important dates with our business calendar. 

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