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Last updated 4 February 2021
Last updated 4 February 2021

TEOs can download and adapt these templates for their student data analytics framework.

Download a soft copy of the Analysing Student Data: Ōritetanga Learner Analytics Ethics Framework (PDF 2.7 MB).

Templates to download and use

Private Notice (DOCX 32 KB)

A privacy notice is an outward-facing document, usually published on a website, to show the public how you manage personal information.

Data Analytics Ethics Policy (DOCX 31 KB)

Ensures that all use of student data is carried out ethically and in accordance with all legal requirements.

Data Analytics Ethics Procedure (DOCX 38 KB)

Applies to the staff and students who manage data for any analytical purposes. It recognises that there are privacy risks around analysing student data and outlines procedures and responsibilities to manage this effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Information and FAQs you should be made available to students and people who want to know about the use of personal information through learner analytics.

Consent Form Explainer (DOCX 27 KB)

An example of the information you should provide in a consent form to explain why you are collecting personal information.

Learner Analytics Communication Example 

Is an example of how you can tell students specifically about learner analytics.

Privacy impact assessment 

If you don’t have an organisational PIA process, you should complete this report when you want to use learner analytics at your organisation to help mitigate risks before implementation.

  1. Privacy Impact Assessment Questionnaire (DOCX 33 KB)

Complete the questionnaire to outline the different components of learner analytics at your organisation.

  1. Initial Privacy Impact Assessment Report (DOCX 28 KB)

Your privacy officer or a privacy expert completes the Initial Privacy Impact Assessment Report to outline any risks that learner analytics may pose.

Frameworks for the ethical use of student data 

Images showing the components on an ethics framework and a governance framework.

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