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Information for tertiary education institutions

Tertiary education institutions (TEIs) comprise universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics, and wānanga. This section contains information for TEIs about governance (TEI councils), borrowing and investments, financial monitoring, seismic risk and capital asset management.


The governance of TEIs

This section sets out the role and responsibilities of tertiary education institution (TEI)
councils, how they are appointed, and their composition.

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How TEIs can borrow funds

This page sets out the processes and approvals required for tertiary education institutions (TEIs)
to borrow or raise money.

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How TEIs can enter into a finance lease

need the consent of the Secretary for Education to enter into financial leases.

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How TEIs may invest

This page sets out the guidance for tertiary education institutions (TEIs)
wishing to make investments.

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Asset management for TEIs

are expected to manage assets to ensure the efficient use of national resources. 

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Business case guidance and templates for TEIs

This page provides information about the Government’s approach to business cases and links to guidance and templates to help tertiary education institution…

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