Resources for investment

We provide most of our funding through a process that requires tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to submit an Investment Plan, although some funds are off-Plan and some TEOs are managed through a funding letter. This section explains our investment process and framework. It includes guidance and resources that cover most of our funding agreements.

Guidance to develop your Investment Plan
We provide resources to support you to develop your Plan for investment in 2025.
Introduction to the TEC’s investment process
This page describes TEC’s investment process, as well as who’s responsible for each part of the process and what the different stakeholders in the system d…
Our investment framework for learner (delivery) funds
This page explains our investment framework and what goes into our decision-making, and gives examples of how this works in practice.
Resources for Off-Plan funds
On this page you’ll find useful resources and links for Off-Plan funds.
Application to receive TEC funding
This page outlines the process for providers to apply for Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Investment Plan (“on-Plan”) funding for the first time.