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Resources for investment

We provide most of our funding through a process that requires tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to submit an Investment Plan, although some funds are off-plan and some TEOs are managed through a funding letter. This section includes guidance and resources to cover the majority of our funding agreements.

Guidance to develop your Investment Plan

We provide resources to support you to develop your Plan for investment in 2024.

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Resources for Off-Plan funds

On this page you’ll find useful resources and links for Off-Plan funds.

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Application to receive TEC funding

This page outlines the process for providers to apply for Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Investment Plan (“on-Plan”) funding for the first time.

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First-time application to receive funding for work-based learning

This page outlines the process for tertiary education organisations (TEOs) that want to enquire about starting to deliver work-based learning.

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