Funding rates by year

Ngā pāpātanga tuku pūtea ā-tau

Last updated 13 September 2023
Last updated 13 September 2023

Funding rates are used to allocate funding to tertiary education organisations, and may be based on learner numbers, hours or EFTS. These funding rates vary for different funds and years.

The Funding rates for 2023 and 2024 spreadsheet contains this year’s and next year’s funding rates for the following funds:

  • DQ7+: Delivery on the NZQCF at Levels 7 (Degree) and above
  • DQ3-7 (Non- Degree): delivery component, learner component, and strategic component
  • DQ1-2: Delivery on the NZQCF at Levels 1 and 2
  • ACE: ACE in Schools and ACE in TEIs
  • ESOL: Intensive Literacy and Numeracy – ESOL, and ESOL – Refugee English Pastoral Fund
  • LN: Intensive Literacy and Numeracy, and Employer-Led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy
  • Gateway: cohort number rates, and rates per learner
  • Youth Guarantee (YG): Youth Guarantee, and YG Exceptional Travel
  • Equity: Equity Funding for DQ1-2 and DQ7+

Funding rates for 2023 and 2024

Funding rates for 2023 and 2024 (XLSX 47 KB)

2023 and 2024 funding rates increase

For the funds included in the funding rate table:

  • All 2023 funding rates have been calculated based on the 2.75% Budget increase from 2022 rates.
  • For the 2024:
    • there will be a 5% increase from 2023 funding rates. Except the Delivery on the New Zealand Qualifications and Credentials Framework at Levels 7(degree) and above Fund (DQ7+), which will receive a 9% increase from 2023 DQ7+ rates.
    • Medical Radiation Therapy funded through DQ7+, has an additional 20% increase.
    • The Mātauranga and te reo Māori DQ3-7 and DQ7+ funding rate will receive an additional 3.75% increase, which is part of the total 15% increase being implemented over four years.