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Showcasing different approaches to learner success

Showcasing different approaches to learner success

Last updated 25 October 2023
Last updated 25 October 2023

The University of Auckland, University of Waikato, Massey University, University of Canterbury, and private training establishment (PTE) the Solomon Group talk about organisational changes they are making to deliver better outcomes for their learners.

Holistic learner supports and Teaching and learning are two learner success capabilities (PDF 335 KB) that a tertiary education provider needs to get right to enable learners to succeed, whatever that looks like for each learner.

The Tertiary Education Commission is hosting alongside the sector a series of learner success capability sessions. The goal of these sessions is to bring together tertiary providers in the spirit of learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, as well as enhance individual, group, and organisational development.

We are pleased to share with you recordings of the different organisational approaches showcased at the Holistic learner supports and Teaching and learning Learner Success Capability sessions.

Holistic learner supports: Learner success capability session

For their tauira to be successful in the classroom, these PTEs are focusing on the supports their tauira need outside of the classroom.

Uses an approach that combines, people, data and effective systems to drive support to a learner at the right time.

Teaching and learning: Learner success capability session

Talks about one of their flagship programmes, their 20 critical courses initiative. It's an initiative that focuses on Māori learners and Pacific learners, and aims to lift achievement within their student cohort.

Talks about their Course Incubator project which is a course redesign and student support intervention model.

Provide insights on their Kia Angitu student success programme and how they are using analytics for course engagement to really impact teaching and learning.

Rolling out recordings of learner success capability sessions

We will continue to roll-out recordings of these sessions over the coming months. To review previously released session recordings, visit YouTube | Tertiary Education Commission | 7 learner success capabilities.