FAQs for Learners – TTAF

FAQs for Learners – TTAF

Last updated 7 June 2023
Last updated 7 June 2023

This page answers questions learners may have about their fees, now that the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship fund (TTAF) has ended.

What fees were covered after TTAF ended in December 2022?

You can find information about fees that covered periods beyond 31 December 2022 at TTAF end-date rules 2022.

If I failed/withdrew from a TTAF approved programme, do I need to pay my fees?

If you failed/withdrew from a TTAF approved programme before or after the withdrawal cut-off date, you don’t have to pay anything back, and TTAF will still cover any fees associated with the course.

Who was eligible to access TTAF?  

Please see TTAF eligibility for information about learner eligibility.

Did TTAF cover fees related to recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

Fees related to RPL were not covered under the TTAF.

We suggest you ask your tertiary education provider which fees were covered by the government under this fund, and which fees you were expected to pay for.

I noticed my programme of study/training is on the TTAF eligible list, but I have not received a fee refund. Will I get one if I’ve already paid my fees for courses between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2022?

Education providers that received fee payments for study or training that was covered by the TTAF have arrangements in place to administer fee-refunds or student loan reversals. It may take time for the refunds to be made or student loan borrowing to be adjusted. We advise asking your education provider about a refund for the fees you paid for your eligible course or programme.

If your study or training was covered by the TTAF, but your fees were initially met through the Fees Free policy, then your Fees Free entitlement was not affected. You don’t need to apply to have your Fees Free record updated to make this adjustment. You can access your remaining Fees Free entitlement on future study or training not covered by TTAF.

Will I still be eligible for Fees Free in the future if I accessed TTAF for courses starting from 1 July 2020?

If you accessed eligible programmes for free, through the TTAF, between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2022, this does not impact on, or use up, your entitlement to Fees Free.

You will need to check your eligibility for Fees Free by visiting the Fees Free website and checking the criteria for the year that you start Fees Free study or training.