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Eligibility check for Fees Free 2020 now live

Eligibility check for Fees Free 2020 now live

Last updated 30 October 2019
Last updated 30 October 2019

Tertiary education organisations (TEOs) can now direct new learners to the Fees Free website to check their eligibility for Fees Free in 2020.

There are no policy and operational changes to Fees Free for 2020.  This means, all policy settings remain unchanged from 2019, including:

  • learner eligibility criteria
  • courses and programme eligibility criteria
  • what eligible learners are entitled to
  • carryover settings.

Refreshed Fees Free website is now live

Learners planning to start study or training in 2020 can now check their eligibility on the Fees Free website.  Updated supporting information including quick guides for learners and frequently asked questions are now available on the website.

Information for TEOs

We have updated the fees-free information for TEOs section of the website to reflect 2020 settings. This includes new and updated learner information guides and marketing material.