Fees-free information for TEOs

Fees-free information for TEOs

Last updated 7 August 2018
Last updated 7 August 2018

From 1 January 2018 the Government started delivery of fees-free tertiary education. The TEC is responsible for implementing the fees-free policy.

All about fees-free

About fees-free - the fees-free eligibility criteria and what's covered for 2018

What you need to do - what to tell learners about eligibility, what to invoice, and about student loans

Carryover settings for 2019  – details of confirmed settings

Payments and reporting - all about payments and tips on fees-free reporting

Guidance - FAQs, information guides and other resources to help you understand fees-free

Who to contact

The Sector Helpdesk is available to answer fees-free queries. You can also contact your Investment Manager or Advisor.

Please direct learners to the feesfree.govt.nz website for information. They can also call 0800 687 775 for help.