DXP Ngā Kete – a single portal – Data System Refresh programme

He tomokanga tōtahi – hōtaka Tāmata Pūnaha Raraunga

Last updated 8 March 2024
Last updated 8 March 2024

The Data System Refresh (DSR) programme provides a single portal for tertiary education organisations to use for data submissions, communications and reporting.

DXP Ngā Kete will provide a simplified user experience for all TEOs that submit data to the TEC by:

  • creating a single portal with simplified workflows for data submissions & document exchange and easy access to information products. This will replace:
    • Services for Tertiary Education Organisations application (STEO)
    • Workspace 2 (WS2)
    • Ngā Kete for information products.
  • modernising the API interface between the training management systems (TMS) and the data exchange platform (DXP). This will replace the Industry Training Register (ITR).
  • creating the ability for an API interface between student management systems (SMS) and the DXP as an alternative to the CSV uploads.

The DXP Ngā Kete Portal

DXP Ngā Kete will become your one stop shop for data submissions, documents, registers (including courses and qualifications), user guides and information products.


This table below explains how DXP Ngā Kete maps to existing functions in STEO, WS2, ITR and the existing Ngā Kete for Information Products.


DXP Ngā Kete

 Existing portals

(STEO, WS2, Ngā Kete and MOE and TEC websites)



  • A list of what's due – data and document submissions
  • A list of recent notifications
  • Ability to go to and action data submissions and document updates directly from the dashboard
  • No single dashboard equivalent



  • TEC internal processes create new documents on DXP Ngā Kete
  • Ability to tailor user access to receive email notifications for selected document types
  • Automated email notifications let the TEO know the document is available to view or to action
  • Ability to upload documents or data submission and keep related documents together
  • TEC internal process creates new documents in Workspace 2 (WS2)
  • Send email communications to ‘Lead Contact’ to notify document available on WS2 and that it’s time to complete DSR submissions.

Data submissions – MoPs


  • A record of all commitment submissions to view or action as needed
  • Ability to action submissions through the online webform or CSV upload
  • A list of all commitments due or submitted on WS2
  • Ability to action submission by uploading into WS2

Data submissions – provider-based actuals


  • A record of all SDR and Other Actuals data submissions to view or action as needed
  • Ability to make provider-based data submissions using online webform or CSV upload
  • Validation and error reporting prior to data submission
  • Ability to accept an API interface as an alternative to the SDR CSV upload
  • A record of Non-DQ fund actuals submitted or due on WS2
  • Ability to action submission by uploading into WS2
  • A record of DQ fund actuals submitted or due, and the workforce questionnaire, on STEO
  • Ability to action submission by uploading into STEO (SDR validations)

Data submissions – work-based actuals


  • A more modern API interface for work-based data submissions
  • Outdated technology


  • Organisational Data: Qualifications, Courses and Delivery Location
  • Qualification register - integration with QCR to avoid duplicate entry
  • Course register - simplifying the year-bounding and the AMFM process
  • Organisational Data in STEO: Qualifications, Courses and Delivery Sites

Information products

  • Fit-for-purpose information products and data extracts
  • Qlik Reports on the existing Ngā Kete portal

User Settings

  • User details and their email notification preferences (the data submissions and documents a user will receive email notifications for).
  • Organisational Data in STEO: Contacts

User guides


  • The user guide includes step-by-step instructions, video examples and links to other relevant resources.
  • SDR manual and STEO User Guide on the MOE website
  • ITR Guide on the TEC Website