Funding and payments – Gateway

Funding and payments – Gateway

Last updated 10 July 2024
Last updated 10 July 2024

This page provides information about how Gateway funding is set and payments are made.

We provide Gateway funding so schools can meet the costs of arranging and managing workplace learning for their students, including workplace assessment.

A school can either manage the Gateway programme itself or use a broker to provide all or part of the programme on its behalf.

While a school may use the funding to meet the costs of a broker, they may not use Gateway funding to pay for students to attend courses provided by tertiary education organisations. The programme is designed to support learners’ transition into the workplace.

Funding mechanism

The Minister responsible for tertiary education issues the Gateway funding mechanism. It sets out the purpose of the fund and gives authority to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to administer the funding.

Funding is agreed off-Plan via a funding confirmation letter. A school that receives Gateway funding is required to:

The overall amount of Gateway funding available is set through the Government’s annual Budget process. We determine the appropriate amount of Gateway funding for a school through the annual investment process and in-year additional funding requests (if available).

Funding allocation and payments

Funding allocations, including any amendments, are available through the My Allocations and Payments app on Ngā Kete.

Gateway funding is paid in equal monthly instalments.

For the calculation of indicative allocations see the methodology from the relevant year. The most recent information is at the top.

For more details regarding your specific allocation, please contact

Need help to access Ngā Kete?

To have access to Ngā Kete, your school must have an Education Sector Logon (ESL). If you do not have an ESL, you can follow the steps listed on the Ministry of Education’s website.

How to get an Education Sector Logon

We recommend you register with a generic email address such as This is so you can continue to access Ngā Kete if a designated Gateway Coordinator leaves your school.

Funding rates

Gateway funding is allocated per place on a sliding scale. As the number of places at a school increases, the amount of funding per place decreases.

For more information about your specific allocation, please contact

For more details see the Gateway Handbook (PDF 404 KB).

Accessing new or additional Gateway funding

If you would like to apply for Gateway funding for the first time, or are an existing provider and want to increase your allocation for the following year, please apply before 31 August using the Gateway Funding Application Form (DOCX 35 KB).

In September, we consider applications for funding for the following calendar year. As we have a limited amount of funding to allocate, we consider applications from new schools only if enough funding is available.

For more details about how to apply, please contact

For more information, please see the Gateway Handbook (PDF 404 KB).