Tahatū pilot

Ngā whakapuaki whai aronga ki Tahatū

Last updated 19 February 2024
Last updated 19 February 2024

This page provides information on Tahatū and the Tahatū pilot in secondary schools.

Expressions of interest for Tahatū pilot now closed

Tahatū is the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC’s) new interactive careers website, which will be piloted in schools from April 2024. Expressions of interest to take part in the Tahatū pilot have now closed.

About Tahatū

Tahatū provides an interactive experience to help people figure out what kind of job they might like to do, and how they can get there. It connects information such as NCEA subjects, qualifications and career ideas in one place to help people make informed decisions.

Tahatū is the next generation of the careers.govt.nz website, refreshing the best of its content tools and functions. Careers.govt.nz will continue alongside Tahatū until it is no longer needed.

You may have heard about Tahatū at careers and education conferences and be as keen as we are for the pilot to get under way in schools.

For more information, see Tahatū.

Pilot timeframe and criteria

The first release of Tahatū is a pilot in 10 schools with 13–19-year-old students. The first phase of the pilot runs from 2 April 2024 to 30 June 2024 with more schools gradually added in over subsequent months.

We are initially piloting with a small number of schools for two reasons. Firstly, we want to continue testing Tahatū in a live environment so we can gather feedback and make further enhancements. Secondly, this enables us to add in more features before we provide Tahatū to all schools in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We have tested Tahatū with users throughout its development and we are keen to keep gathering feedback from teachers, careers advisors and students.

Next steps

If your school expressed an interest in taking part in the pilot, we’ll be in touch by late February or early March. We’ll let you know if your school has been selected to be part of the initial 10 schools, or if we’d like you to be available for a later phase of the pilot.

For the first phase of the pilot, we’re looking for 10 schools that:

  • come from a diverse range of socio-economic communities
  • are of different sizes
  • represent a range of rural or urban areas and both the North and South Islands 
  • have significant numbers of our priority audiences, which are Māori, Pacific peoples and disabled people. 

What we expect from pilot schools

We want pilot schools to:

  • champion and use Tahatū with your students as a tool to engage in conversations about careers, career paths, and study and training options
  • provide feedback about how you and your students are using Tahatū and what you think about it. You’ll be able to do this via a feedback button when you are using Tahatū. We will also hold monthly group calls during the 3-month pilot to get more general feedback on how you are using it, how it is resonating with your students, etc
  • take part in training via the Careers and Transition Education (CATE) professional development national roadshow in February–March 2024. We will also provide around 5–10 hours of onboarding training to schools during the 3-month pilot.


If you have any questions about the pilot or anything else to do with Tahatū, read our FAQs.

If your question isn’t covered there, please email customerservice@tec.govt.nz