Entrepreneurial Universities

Entrepreneurial Universities

Last updated 31 May 2019
Last updated 31 May 2019

Entrepreneurial Universities is a competitive fund to attract world-leading entrepreneurial researchers who will build stronger and more relevant links with existing and emerging industries and firms.

May 2019 update: Budget 2019 has reprioritised unallocated Entrepreneurial Universities funding to other areas.
This announcement will not impact on existing Entrepreneurial Universities agreements. No new agreements will be entered into, and existing arrangements will not be renewed once they expire. 


The fund leverages the skills and experience of these world-leading entrepreneurial academics to drive:

  • cutting-edge research to grow New Zealand’s competitive advantage
  • university-led innovation and entrepreneurship in existing and emerging industries
  • commercially-relevant research that fosters industry collaboration and strengthens economic growth, and
  • stronger connections with overseas universities, research institutes and businesses.

Entrepreneurial Universities funding is part of a wider package of initiatives to grow universities’ leadership role in innovation and entrepreneurship across New Zealand.


The value of recruiting overseas researchers

Overseas researchers add to New Zealand’s existing talent pool, growing research expertise in key areas where we are poised to become a world leader. They bring fresh perspectives and experiences to generate new ideas across the wider university faculty. Scientists from overseas also bring international networks to inform directions of research in New Zealand university departments.

Internationally-connected, world-leading research has been shown to attract and stimulate world-leading firms and start-ups. For example, Singapore, Ireland and, recently, the University of New South Wales in Australia are all operating similar initiatives, and are reporting positive results.

First two entrepreneurial universities

The first two entrepreneurial university appointees will be at Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Auckland.

Professor Ken Anjyo is joining Victoria University of Wellington to lead the Computational Media Innovation Centre (CMIC).

Dr Suranga Nanayakkara will join the University of Auckland’s Bioengineering Institute to continue his research in human-computer interaction.