National Careers System Strategy

National Careers System Strategy

Last updated 19 December 2022
Last updated 19 December 2022

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is responsible for leading the development of a refreshed National Careers System Strategy in collaboration with our partners and other system stakeholders across the motu. The Strategy will deliver a system that provides careers education, information, advice and guidance, to support all New Zealanders to make careers decisions and transitions.

Refreshing the National Careers System Strategy

The current Careers System Strategy was finalised in 2019 and as work continues on initiatives designed to fill key gaps in the system, including the TEC’s Inspiring the Future and Tahatū work programmes, it’s time for a refreshed Strategy to focus more broadly and encompass all New Zealanders. Work on its development is well underway.

The new Careers System Strategy will set out to deliver three outcomes:

  • Strengthen and future-proof New Zealand’s careers system.
  • Support the system to help New Zealanders make careers decisions.
  • Support New Zealanders to grow the skills and capability needed now and in the future.

The refreshed Strategy will take account of other related strategies such as the Tertiary Education Strategy, and respond to economic and structural changes due to COVID-19, and the maturing of the existing Careers Strategy.

A Strategy for everyone

To ensure the refresh is successful, TEC is engaging with diverse audiences including Māori, Pasifika and our disabled community, to understand their aspirations and specific needs from the careers system.

Our engagement process so far has included discussions with a large group of stakeholders to identify a scope and approach to developing the new careers strategy.  We have spoken with and listened closely to representatives from Government Ministries and agencies to understand their views of the system.

However, we know those perspectives need to be tested and refined with a much broader group of stakeholders. To ensure we have the widest possible range of views we have also met with other agencies and stakeholders who have been advocating for the current strategy to be refreshed, including experts in specific areas of the careers system and those who have been underserved by it.

The Strategy will outline the vision, strategic priorities, and actions that collectively support the strengthening and future-proofing of NZ’s careers system. We expect Cabinet Ministers to approve the Strategy ahead of the public release early 2023.

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