Our structure and teams

Tō mātou hanganga me ngā tīma

Last updated 18 November 2022
Last updated 18 November 2022

We have five directorates: the Information Directorate, Corporate and Finance Directorate, Delivery Directorate, Careers and Investment Design Directorate, and the Ōritetanga Learner Success Directorate.

Each directorate has a Deputy Chief Executive, and together with our Chief Executive, forms our Executive Leadership Team.

Executive Leadership Team

Our ELT:

  • is responsible for our performance and the outcomes we achieve
  • meets weekly to discuss organisational issues and risks, and make decisions on our strategy, policy and practice
  • the ELT provides advice and information to the Board of Commissioners and to our Ministers.

Executive Leadership Team


Delivery Directorate

The Delivery Directorate is focused on delivery of the investment and careers products and services. The directorate is the customer-facing unit of the organisation and is responsible for the implementation and delivery of all TEC products and services, relationship management, negotiation, performance management and monitoring. Areas of accountability include managing tertiary education organisation (TEO) investment cycles, the reviewing of financial performance of TEOs and TEIs, brokering careers solutions in regions aligned with the Ministry of Education regions, and managing sector relationships including the provision of support and advice to TEOs, schools, employers etc.

The Delivery Directorate comprises six teams: Monitoring and Crown Ownership, Customer Contact, Fund Specialists, Delivery Support, Relationship Management (Investment), and Business and Partnerships.


Careers and Investment Design Directorate

The Careers & Investment Design Directorate (CID) is responsible for developing strategies, initiatives and policies that enable the organisation to effectively and efficiently meet its goals in the areas of careers and investment.

All teams in the directorate are focused on work that develops, leads or contributes to the design of these strategies, initiatives and policies. They are responsible for developing the interventions and plans off those strategies, and then marketing and communicating the integrated view of what TEC wants to achieve. The basis of our work is the horizontal work model and so the CID teams work in partnership with teams from other directorates so the design and commissioning of new products and initiatives is a collaborative process that ensures successful implementation and delivery.


Information Directorate

The Information Directorate delivers the ICT infrastructure and information tools to support the business and develops data, data products, information, and new tools for colleagues, customers, TEOs, and other agencies to support TEC's invest and champion goals.

Specifically this directorate manages TEC's data assets and data relationships strategically and operationally over their full lifecycle. They build partnership networks to transform TEC into a highly respected 'information broker' for learners, the tertiary education system and other stakeholders; thereby supporting TEC to be an influential leader. Information Directorate is also accountable for managing all technological resources of the organisation, contributing to the technological vision for the organisation and enabling the organisation's technological development. It ensures the ICT platforms and services TEC needs to achieve its operational and strategic goals are provided in a timely and cost-effective way, achieving an optimal balance of quality and cost over the long run.


Corporate and Finance Directorate

The Corporate and Finance Directorate is responsible for the development and delivery of financial and business support services to enable the organisation to operate effectively and efficiently. It provides assurance to the Board and Crown monitoring agencies regarding the effective governance, management of financial risk and integrity of the financial management system. It delivers financial control and monitoring, and business support and advice around HR management, organisational planning and reporting, programme management, risk, procurement and property services.


Ōritetanga Learner Success Directorate

Ōritetanga Learner Success Directorate is a cluster team whose function is to lead the TEC’s work in several important areas, particularly Māori and Pasifika achievement, and in areas of economic and social deprivation, for example in Northland.

Most roles in this team will be sourced from other parts of the TEC, most notably the Strategy & Design, and Delivery directorates. The team will comprise the strategists, designers, analysts and implementers required to bring a TEC-wide focus to these important issues. People in these roles will have position descriptions that reflect their (up to 100 percent) time commitment to the Ōritetanga Learner Success team.

The team is drawn from across the organisation because it needs organisation-wide commitment in order to work and to adequately move the dial.