Plan Guidance

Mahere Tohu

Last updated 13 December 2021
Last updated 13 December 2021

This section includes the guidelines you need for developing and submitting your Investment Plan (Plan). Plans are required for TEOs receiving on-Plan funding. 

In December 2021 we released Preparing for investment in 2023. This information informs your planning and submissions for the Investment Round. Unlike recent years the formal Plan Guidance (the document which communicates the specific requirements for Investment Plans and how they will be assessed) will not be released until February 2022. For investment in 2023 the Plan Guidance, the Investment Plan Gazette notice, and the briefs and template that make up the Investment Toolkit, will be released simultaneously.

Preparing for Investment in 2023 (PDF, 330 KB)

Our Plan Guidance provides information on what needs to be included in your Plan and how we will be assessing it. 

Plan Guidance for investment for 2023 will be released in February 2022.

We will release Supplementary Plan Guidance in June 2022 to provide further guidance on how to approach tertiary education-related Budget announcement(s).

We may also release additional guidance when any other information regarding the Plan round needs to be communicated.

Other useful information:

Guidance and tools

The Plan guidance, Supplementary Plan guidance and the Investment toolkit should be read alongside each other when you are developing your Plan. They can also inform your discussions with your Relationship Manager or our Customer Contact Group.

Timeline for Investment for 2023

The timeline for the investment process will be published in February 2022.

Previous plan guidance

Plan Guidance for investment from 2022 (PDF, 1.2 Mb)

Supplementary Plan Guidance for investment from 2022 (PDF, 751 Kb)

Note: The Plan Guidance editions for earlier years have been archived. If you need to access these, please email

How to apply for TEC funding if you're not currently funded

If your organisation is not currently approved to receive On-Plan funding from us and you want to apply for funding, you need to complete the New Provider* Application Form (Word, 401 Kb), attaching the necessary supplementary information.

* A provider is considered “new” when they do not currently receive On-Plan TEC funding or have not received any On-Plan funding from TEC in the past 12 months, even if they receive other types of TEC funding.