Provider-based mode

Aratau ā-kaiwhakarato

Last updated 19 July 2023
Last updated 19 July 2023


The learner is enrolled with a provider, with delivery at a provider site, eg, a campus or other New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)-approved delivery site, and undertakes teaching and learning activities, such as lectures and tutorials, with additional supported self-directed learning.

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) expects at least 75% of the course be delivered in a synchronous learning manner. This should either be on campus or at an approved delivery site equivalent. Learning can be also delivered synchronously online but it cannot be the only form of delivery.  

Asynchronous online and/or extramural learning can be used under this mode but must be less than 25 percent of the learning delivery method. The learning must complement face-to-face in-person teaching and learning. 

The provider is funded to:

  • deliver programmes for credentials that meet employer and industry needs as well as regional and national skills priorities
  • deliver all education/training and assessment activities* towards an NZQA- or Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP)-approved credential
  • provide all learning support and pastoral care in relation to the learner’s needs in accordance with the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners (PDF 925 KB).

* Assessment activities include verification and moderation and can include purchasing and using assessment resources from an external source.

More guidance

This mode is designed to cater for most existing provider-based delivery of learning.

Under this mode, teaching and learning can be offered in a variety of settings to reflect a learner-centric approach – eg, classroom-based evening workshops or access to synchronous online lectures that complement the in-person on-campus delivery. Even though this blended or flexible approach covers a range of physical settings, we still consider it provider-based so long as you meet NZQA and TEC requirements for approved delivery sites.

If delivery does not meet the operational definition for the provider-based mode, and does not include any work-based delivery, then we will consider it to be provider-based: extramural.

This mode can include internships, practicums and temporary work experience, and field and clinical experience undertaken as part of the learning. However, where the course includes learning in the workplace, there is no formal employment relationship.

For more information on the legality of internships and employment, see the Employment New Zealand website.

All internships (regardless of the learning setting) will be funded through the relevant provider-based mode.


Provider A offers Tourism and Hospitality courses delivered at a main campus and an NZQA-approved delivery site.

For most of their studies, learners attend an approved delivery site in person. They take part in classroom/kitchen-based activities designed to help them achieve the programme’s learning outcomes. They undertake work experience when ready, and during that time may have some of their skills formally assessed by a visiting tutor. Learners may also undertake self-directed study (either supervised on campus or offsite) during their programme.

To retain the provider-based funding rate, the delivery needs to mirror what would have happened in a campus setting. The delivery also needs to include the same level of engagement opportunities between learners and the provider (to the best of the provider’s ability).