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2020 Indicative Allocations and updates to the Investment Toolkit

2020 Indicative Allocations and updates to the Investment Toolkit

Last updated 4 June 2019
Last updated 4 June 2019

Indicative Allocation Letters have been provisioned to tertiary education organisations (TEO) Workspaces today.

Indicative Allocations are the starting point for us to engage with TEOs about their planned delivery for 2020.

Please note: the indicative funding allocation is not a guarantee of final funding allocation. 

New products, information, and templates have been added to the Investment Toolkit.

These tools add to the suite of products available to support TEOs in their strategic planning and Investment Plan engagement.

We have added:

Supplementary Plan Guidance, June 2019

Supplementary Plan Guidance has been added to the Plan Guidance webpage. It provides all TEOs that will seek funding in 2020, this includes Plan Exempt PTEs, with additional information about:

  • investment priorities for the 2020-22 Plan round, including initial teacher education (ITE), home-based early childhood education (ECE), and construction
  • the use of performance information when calculating initial allocations for Student Achievement Component (SAC) funding
  • an improved process for additional funding requests.

This document should be read alongside the December 2018 Plan Guidance and the Investment Briefs in the Investment Toolkit.

Construction Investment Brief

As part of the Construction Skills Action Plan we will be promoting and encouraging construction careers and credentials. Through this we want to achieve a 5 percent increase in enrolments in construction-related education and training.

We have released a Construction Investment Brief that outlines the approach we will take to investing in construction-related provision for the Plan period and beyond. This includes a description of why we invest in Construction, the setting of targets for Construction enrolments, and a description of how we will work with and invest in TEOs to help achieve the targets set.

Budget 2019 announced a range of measures to help ensure New Zealand has a sustainable teaching workforce. Ministry of Education modelling data suggests that by 2025 there will be a secondary school teacher supply gap. An Investment Brief which outlines our approach to investing in Secondary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) will be added to the Investment Toolkit later this month.

We look forward to working collaboratively with TEOs to continue to improve how we work together to deliver better outcomes for learners.