About us

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is charged with giving effect to the Tertiary Education Strategy 2014-19. Each year we invest approximately $2.8 billion in tertiary education so that New Zealanders are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for lifelong success. 

We do this by:

  • investing government funding, through investment plans and contracts with tertiary education organisations
  • providing information and advice to the Government (including ownership monitoring advice) about tertiary education organisations and the tertiary education sector
  • monitoring and managing the performance of tertiary education organisations.

For information on the legislation we work under see Legislation.

As a Crown entity we are jointly monitored by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. This arrangement reflects our role in contributing to both education and the economy. For more information on what it means to be a Crown entity see Who we are.

We invest in all forms of post-secondary school education and training, including foundation education, adult and community education and research. We also fund some programmes that link schools with tertiary education, including Gateway and Trades Academies.

Tertiary education organisations include:

  • eight universities
  • 18 institutes of technology and polytechnics
  • three wānanga
  • 271 TEC-funded private training establishments
  • 12 industry training organisations
  • over 400 other organisations, adult and community education providers, government training establishments and secondary schools.

The tertiary education institutions – universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics and wānanga – are Crown entities and we monitor them on behalf of the Crown. 

For more information about the TEC see our strategic documents:



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