Key Information for Students design and implementation

He kohinga pū pārongo: hoahoa me te whakatinana

Last updated 24 February 2017
Last updated 02/24/2017

This page provides you with information about design and the implementation of the Key Information for Students (KIS) on your website.

The Key Information for Students – the easy way to view qualification information

Information for TEOs

Detailed information is contained in the documents listed under Guides and more information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For information on preparing for the design and implementation, please go to the preparation and initiation page.

Publishing options

You have two options to choose from to implement the KIS on your website:

A. Full KIS
B. KIS button

Please contact us if you want to discuss publishing a combination of the two.

A. Full KIS 

This option displays the full KIS on all level 5 and above qualification pages on your website. It provides learners with the information and data that they have told us they want to access to help make decisions about tertiary education.

Designing the KIS for your qualification pages

Design the KIS using our style guidelines. This is to ensure the consistency of the information and to help learners recognise the KIS whenever they see it. You can do this within the look and feel of your own website.

The KIS Implementation Plan for this option includes the KIS specifications and style guidelines. It also contains critical implementation tasks and a deployment schedule with timeframes and milestones for each phase of the process. These tasks can be incorporated into your standard deployment approach.

After you have completed your design, send it to us for review. Please provide it to us before you upload it to your website so we can check that your design aligns with our guidelines.

Implementation timeframe

We expect implementation to take up to 19 weeks. It includes three stages: initiation, design (design and design review) and implementation.

The Implementation Plan for the full KIS provides detailed step-by-step information.

Connecting to the KIS Data Service

We are providing you with your aggregated data for the full KIS via an OData service. When implementing the full KIS on your website, you will connect to this data service to display the aggregated data. The KIS Data Service Guide tells you the options you can choose for connecting to the service and how to do it. It also provides some example code you may use. 

After you have completed your design and it has been confirmed by us, you’ll then connect your website to the KIS Data Service to access the relevant data for each qualification.

Please notify us when you have completed the implementation to your live site.

B. KIS button

The 'KIS button' option is a graphic that will be located on key web pages on your website, which links to the centrally-hosted KIS. The KIS button is:

  • published on all qualification pages (for Level 5 and above)
  • optional on the homepage
  • optional on programme pages.

From qualification pages, the KIS button will link to the KIS for that specific qualification. From your homepage and programme pages, the KIS button will link to the KIS Search page (where a user can search across qualifications).

If you do not have specific qualification web pages then the KIS button linking to the KIS Search page will need to be displayed on your homepage.

Applying the KIS button to your website

We supply the graphic as artwork in various sizes so that it can fit with your website design. We also provide guidelines so that its application is consistent across TEOs and recognisable for learners whenever they see it.

Refer to Guides and more information on this page.

Implementation timeframe

We expect implementation to take up to eight weeks. It includes three stages: initiation, design, and implementation.

The Implementation Plan for the KIS button provides detailed step-by-step information.

KIS delivery – start and end dates

The staged deployment started in October 2016 and we are engaging with all TEOs to confirm your start date. The KIS is expected to be fully deployed across all TEOs by mid-2017.

Guides and more information 

You will find all the information you need to guide you through the design and implementation processes in the documentation listed below.

You can also read frequently asked questions for additional information.

For the 'full KIS' option:

For the 'KIS button' option:

Latest news

Changes to the Key Information Set (PDF, 527 Kb ) - provides an update on changes to the name and fields.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do we need to publish a KIS for all qualifications on our website?

A. All SAC-funded qualifications for levels 5 to 8 will have a full KIS or KIS button published on your website. The publication of the KIS is optional for qualifications at levels 9 and 10 where there are limited enrolments (eg, advanced medical qualifications with less than 5 EFTS).  We will publish the KIS data for all qualifications (levels 5–10) on our website. As this information is publicly available, your data for all qualifications should be up to date and accurate.

Q. I have been told I should apply the design to my qualification pages. Does this mean including the KIS on the various web pages for our different qualifications, or do you want the entire page redesigned?

A. We just want you to place the KIS on the existing page for each relevant qualification. We don’t expect you will need to redesign your entire page.

Q. The KIS Data Service Guide tells me to get data from the TEC to populate the KIS using the TEC’s KIS Data Service. How is this done? Can you provide technical details?

A. The KIS Data Service is an OData service which can be connected to dynamically, asynchronously or by caching the data (see the OData website for more information about the capabilities of OData).

We have created a KIS Technical Information handout and the KIS Data Service Guide with more detailed technical information and sample code for the connection to the Data Service.

Q. Your communications tells me to publish the KIS to make it visible to learners. If the full KIS is added to existing web pages, wouldn’t it be visible as soon as it is added, or is there a specific 'on/off’ switch to pull through the KIS data from your service?

A. For the KIS to be visible on your website you will need to add code into your qualification pages. This means you will control the connection to the KIS Data Service depending on your standard IT processes. You may want to publish the KIS in a test environment first rather than directly to your production environment.

Q. How long will you take to confirm my KIS design meets the style guidelines after it has been sent for review?

A. We will review your design in a timely manner when it is submitted – we aim to have a response to you within two days of receiving it. 

Contact us

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