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Explore funding information

We support the Government in helping to ensure that New Zealanders have the knowledge and skills they need for a successful working life. This section includes everything you need to know about the funding we provide to tertiary education organisations, including details about each fund.


Fund finder

Fund finder is where you can explore all of our funds including information about eligibility, payments, monitoring and reporting and conditions.

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Funding allocations

Funding across the tertiary sector varies across years. In most instances these variations are due to funding adjustments, mergers or where funds end or ar...

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Performance-linked funding

Performance-linked funding helps to improve educational outcomes for students and employers ─ and increases value for taxpayers’ money. This section explai...

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Every year the Government allocates funding to a range of tertiary education initiatives as part of the budget. This section includes information on recent...

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Our current funds

We manage a variety of tertiary education funds. On this page, you’ll find a brief description of each of our funds and its purpose.

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Funding mechanisms

This page includes funding mechanisms (sometimes known as 159Ls) issued by the Minister responsible for tertiary education under the Education Act 1989.

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How, who and what we fund

Each year, we invest around $2.8 billion in tertiary education. This page outlines how, who and what we fund.

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