We are responsible for the allocation of all post-compulsory education funding of approximately $2.8 billion each year. Most of this funding is provided in the government’s Budget via Vote: Tertiary Education. Occasionally we administer funding on behalf of other government agencies such as the Ministry of Social Development, or Immigration New Zealand.

Only eligible organisations can be funded. We provide most funding through an Investment Plan, although there are some off-Plan contracts and funding agreements. You can find information about current funds and grants using our Fund Finder.

The Tertiary Education Strategy provides the overall framework within which funding decisions are made, ensuring that funding supports TEOs[1] to deliver on the government’s outcome priorities.

Under the Education Act 1989, the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment determines the design of the funding mechanisms that we use to fund TEOs[2]. To achieve the desired educational outcomes, the TEC may impose funding conditions and provide processes for TEOs to follow. You can locate this detailed information on our website, or ask a question online using the Resource Centre.

The TEC has been revising the way it presents information about specific funds on our website, and we are working through a programme of edits to the funding pages. Regular users will notice changes to the content and format of many pages available under the TEC’s Fund Finder. The changes are intended to present relevant information together in one place.

A number of funds have a new tab called “legislative requirements and conditions”, which highlights requirements of the Education Act and puts all of the conditions relating to that fund in one webpage in full text. The previous rules and conditions, available under the Resource Centre, are being updated and obsolete rules and conditions are being removed.

TEOs that are funded by the TEC have their funding conditions included in full in their Funding Letters. To find a copy of these electronically, please refer to the pages on Fund Finder in the first instance, or the Resource Centre or Search functions.

Any funding pages that have not been revised in 2014 will be completed in 2015. There may be other changes to the website over the year as we revise current content and remove old information that is no longer relevant. To keep up-to-date, subscribe to our news update service.

If you require archived information please contact the TEC Sector Helpdesk and we can provide this to you.

  • [1]

    Tertiary education organisation (TEO)

  • [2]

    Tertiary education organisation (TEO)

  • Last changed: 2 May 2014