What TEI council members are paid

What TEI council members are paid

Last updated 13 August 2019
Last updated 13 August 2019

This page sets out the maximum fees payable to tertiary education institution (TEI) council members.

The Minister responsible for tertiary education determines the maximum fees that can be paid to council members under section 179 of the Education Act 1989 . The Minister operates within the Fees framework for members appointed to bodies in which the Crown has an interest (CO 19 (1)).

Each council determines the actual fees within this maximum. If the Chief Executive or Vice-Chancellor is a member of the council, they are not entitled to fees.

Section 179 of the Education Act 1989

An integrated fee structure for all council members of TEIs was introduced in 2015. The new maximum fees are set out in the table below. 


Level: size of tertiary 
education institution

Chair or 

Deputy Chair or 
Pro Chancellor


Level One
Under $60 million revenue




Level Two
$60 million – $100 million revenue




Level Three
$100 million – $600 million revenue




Level Four
Over $600 million revenue





Section 179(2) of the Act entitles a council member, in accordance with the fees framework, to be reimbursed from the TEI’s funds for actual and reasonable travelling and other expenses incurred in carrying out their role.

Section 179(2) of the Education Act 1989