Micro-credentials making their mark

Micro-credentials making their mark

Last updated 18 December 2019
Last updated 18 December 2019

From working productively and safely to welding, barista training to beauty therapy, electric vehicles to exceeding customer expectations, micro-credentials offer vast vocational coverage.

They have been making their mark in the credentials space since their launch by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in August 2018.

Joining the qualifications mix along with degrees, diplomas and certificates, micro-credentials are stand-alone credentials that certify the achievement of specific skills, experience or knowledge. As our workforce increasingly needs to adapt and respond dynamically and swiftly to big technological changes, micro-credentials offer an easier pathway to retrain, upskill or return to the workforce quickly and cost-effectively.

Different types of micro-credentials are offered by different providers. They have an important role in addressing critical skills shortages in industries and helping workers to develop the skills they need to be proficient in their chosen vocation, now and in the future. Micro-credentials will also be an important part of the Reform of Vocational Education, which is committed to tackling the same challenges while creating new opportunities for innovative learning.

To learn more, visit the Careers Website.

Fact file

Micro-credentials must: 

  • be 5-40 credits in size
  • have strong evidence of need from employers, industry and community
  • not duplicate current quality assured learning approved by NZQA
  • be reviewed annually to confirm they continue to meet their intended purpose.