Primary Sector CoVE RoI

Primary Sector CoVE RoI

Last updated 9 March 2020
Last updated 9 March 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Primary Sector CoVE. The Registrations of Interest process is now closed and all submissions are being assessed.

What we are looking for:

An expert evaluation panel made up of independent members from the sector will consider all applications based on their merit. Separate expert evaluation panels will be established for each Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE).

The expert evaluation panel will assess how well a consortium’s application:

  • Demonstrates how the growth, development and sharing of best practice provision will be achieved, and includes input from relevant industry experts and leaders
  • Identifies challenges or opportunities for the industry within the area of vocational education
  • Demonstrates how these challenges or opportunities are of strategic importance to New Zealand
  • Shows how the applicant will use collaborative partnership-based approaches to solve the challenges or take hold of the opportunities
  • Demonstrates a commitment to share the work of the CoVE for the benefit of other parties in the vocational education sector
  • Details solutions that are practical and time-bound with clear measures of success
  • Shows evidence of sourcing additional financial support from consortium members (from industry and/or providers)
  • Demonstrates the ability of the consortium to undertake the required functions

The Registration of Interest is the first step in a two-stage selection process

The CoVE selection process includes two stages:

  • A Registration of Interest (RoI) that is open to any applicants
  • A Request for Proposal (RfP) that will be restricted to only shortlisted applicants

The expert evaluation panel will use the information in the RoI to understand and consider the issues and opportunities that the CoVE intends to address, its deliverables, and the consortium’s membership. The panel will identify applications it wants to progress further.   

We acknowledged during the recent workshops with Primary and Construction sector stakeholders that the time and effort required to co-ordinate a consortium and submit a full proposal is significant. Accordingly, the RoI has been designed to minimise the effort applicants need to invest upfront in completing an application ahead of finding out if they have been selected to provide further detail as part of the RfP stage. 

Primary Sector CoVE Key Dates

Selection Activity Indicative Completion Date
Co-design and engagement on CoVEs 26 November 2019
Registration of Interest process opens 18 December 2019
Last day for applicants to send RoI questions  3 March 2020
Registrations of Interest due 6 March 2020
Selected applicants invited to submit detailed proposals 27 March 2020
Last day for applicants to send RfP questions 10 April 2020
Detailed proposals due 1 May 2020
Evaluate proposals 11 May 2020
Select successful proposal 10 June 2020
Negotiate funding agreement with successful consortium 22 July 2020

Check out the Primary Sector RoI Q&As.

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An independent probity auditor has been appointed by MBIE to overview this RoI process and verify that the procedures set out in this RoI are complied with.

The probity auditor is not a member of the evaluation team.

A respondent concerned about any procedural issue has the right to contact the probity auditor and request his review.

The name and contact details are as follows:
Jonathan Roylance
Associate Director, Specialist Audit and Assurance Services
Audit New Zealand
Level 1, 100 Molesworth Street, Wellington
Phone: 021 222 8629