Funding and payments

Funding and payments

Last updated 4 May 2021
Last updated 4 May 2021

How Wānanga Research Capability funding is set and payments are made. Also includes funding allocation and funding recovery information.


The Wānanga Research Capability Fund funding mechanism is issued by the Minister responsible for tertiary education. The funding mechanism outlines the general form and essential components of the fund. It provides the mandate for us to allocate the funding and what the funding can be used for, and details how we administer the fund.

Funding is agreed through the wānanga Investment Plan (Plan). A wānanga that receives Wānanga Research Capability funding is required to:

Funding for the Wānanga Research Capability Fund is set through the Government’s annual budget process. The amount each wānanga is allocated is determined in consultation with wānanga.

Through each wānanga Plan, we agree the activities and/or approach that the wānanga will use to give effect to the funding, and the outcomes to be achieved.


Wānanga Research Capability funding is paid in monthly instalments.

The payment amounts are in equal instalments from January to June, and in equal instalments from July to December.

Funding allocations

2021 Wānanga Research Capability indicative allocation

Purpose of Wānanga Research Capability funding

The purpose of the Wānanga Research Capability Fund is to support research capability building within wānanga, particularly in the area of wānanga specialisation in mātauranga Māori/Māori knowledge.

How we calculated your 2021 indicative allocation for Wānanga Research Capability

The information below provides a summary of how your indicative allocation was calculated. For more details regarding your specific allocation, please contact or your Relationship Manager.

Starting point

We will use your 2020 allocation as your starting point for your 2021 indicative allocation. 

Any 2020 in-year amendments will be included in the calculation to inform your 2021 allocation. 

Key changes to our approach for 2021


Suspending or revoking funding

Under Schedule 18 Clause 16 of the Education and Training Act 2020 (the Act), we may suspend or revoke some or all funding given under section 425 of the Act if we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that:

  • the wānanga has not achieved, or is not achieving an outcome anticipated in its Investment Plan in relation to which funding has been given under section 425 of the Act
  • the wānanga has not complied, or is not complying, with a condition on which funding has been given under section 425 of the Act, or
  • the wānanga has not provided, or is not providing, adequate and timely information required by the TEC or Ministry of Education under section 425 of the Act.   

If a TEO has its funding approval revoked in accordance with Schedule 18 Clause 16 of the Education and Training Act 2020, the unspent portion of funding is repayable to the TEC (see Condition: Suspension or revocation of WRC Fund Funding). We may arrange to off-set the amount against any funding payable to the wānanga.