Last updated 30 April 2021
Last updated 30 April 2021

Wānanga are eligible to receive funding from the Wānanga Research Capability Fund.

Funding is subject to a comprehensive research/rangahau plan being submitted by each wānanga as part of the Tertiary Education Commission’s investment plan process.

Guidelines for Developing a Comprehensive Research/Rangahau Plan

These guidelines were designed to support wānanga to scope and document research/rangahau plans.

Wānanga Research Capability Fund (WRCF)
The Wānanga Research Capability Fund supports research capability building within wānanga, particularly in the area of wānanga specialisation in mātauranga Māori/Māori knowledge. By growing the research capability of their staff, wānanga are better placed to access the Performance Based Research Fund.

To receive additional funding from 2020, the wānanga were required to provide a comprehensive research/rangahau plan.

A comprehensive research/rangahau plan should clearly set out the process through which the wananga plans to increase research capability.

A research/rangahau plan should:

  • Set out how the wānanga aims to increase its research capability over a three year period – 2020-2022.
  • Set out the wānanga’s current research capability and the targeted outcomes of the plan.
  • List the activities the wānanga will undertake to make this change.
  • Provide milestones and approximate timelines for each of the activities.
  • List the outcomes/key performance indicators that will indicate the activities have been successful.

Additional information that might also be included:

  • A Risk Management plan including mitigation strategies.
  • Governance structure for the plan.
  • Indicative budget.