FAQs for Learners

FAQs for Learners

Last updated 2 May 2020
Last updated 2 May 2020

How can learners access TAFL support?

Learners will need to contact their tertiary education organisation (TEO) who will manage this fund and prioritise who they will support. They will also make decisions around suitability of device, connectivity and provide support on how to adapt to online learning.

Are part-time learners included in this package?

Yes. Your TEO will develop a prioritisation strategy to direct funding to learners who are most in need of additional support, but this does not specifically exclude part-time learners.

Does the package apply to learners at wānanga, transitional industry training organisations (TITO’s) and community providers such as ACE?

Most types of tertiary education organisations and programme types are eligible. Contact your provider to see if they are eligible.

Our family has a digital device but the children are using it for school. Can I get another device for my tertiary study?

Your TEO will make the decision about which learners are most in need of support.

How soon can I get the help I need to be able to study online?

This will depend on your TEO, but many have already established initiatives to support online study. Check with your TEO to find out what assistance is available.

Are international students eligible?

Generally no. However, there may be exceptions to this – please contact your provider to verify if your situation is an exception that meets fund-specific conditions.

Will I be able to keep the device?

No. Your TEO owns the device. Once you have completed/finished your studies, the device should be returned to the TEO so it can be re-distributed.