SRG Consultation Papers 2018

SRG Consultation Papers 2018

Last updated 14 April 2021
Last updated 14 April 2021

This page provides links to the PBRF Sector Reference Group consultation papers, the consultation feedback summaries and decision documents.

The Sector Reference Group (SRG) consults with the sector and other stakeholders on a range of implementation issues as part of the development of operational guidelines for the 2018 Quality Evaluation.

The consultation process is now complete. The decision documents with the SRG’s recommendations to the TEC and the detailed stakeholder feedback summaries are available. The TEC's decisions on these matters form the basis of the draft operational now available on the 2018 Quality Evaluation web page.   

No. Consultation 

Consultation period

Consultation status

Decision status     

Approach to the
design of the 2018
Quality Evaluation (PDF 476 KB)

1 - 29 Sept 2014


PBRF 2018 Design Feedback Summary (PDF 64 KB)


Review of staff eligibility (PDF 255 KB)
criteria  (PDF 255 KB)

31 Oct -
12 Dec 2014


PBRF Staff Eligibility Feedback Summary  (PDF 110 KB)


In-principle decisions for staff eligibility criteria  (PDF 286 KB)


Developing Evidence (PDF 439 KB)
Portfolios - operational (PDF 439 KB)
guidance for the Research (PDF 439 KB)
Contribution component (PDF 439 KB)

4 Dec 2014 -
11 Feb 2015


PBRF Research Contribution Feedback Summary (PDF 398 KB) 


In-principle decisions for the Research Contribution component (PDF 116 KB)


Establishing a Pacific (PDF 203 KB)
research peer review panel  (PDF 203 KB)

26 Feb -
9 April 2015


PBRF Pacific Research peer review panel Feedback Summary (PDF 85 KB)


Decisions for the Pacific research peer review  panel (PDF 80 KB)


Peer review panel establishment (PDF 385 KB)
and conflict of interest policy  (PDF 385 KB)

10 March -
20 April 2015


PBRF Panel and Conflict of Interest Feedback Summary  (PDF 174 KB)

Decision on the Peer review panel establishment and conflict of interest policy  (PDF 121 KB)


Developing Evidence
Portfolios - operational
guidance for the Research
Output component (PDF 278 KB)

31 March -
8 May 2015


PBRF Research Output Feedback Summary (PDF 535 KB)



In-principle Decisions for the Research Output Component (PDF 151 KB)


Review of the general and Canterbury (PDF 192 KB)
Earthquakes Special Circumstances provisions (PDF 192 KB)

2 June -
13 July 2015


PBRF Special Circumstances Feedback Summary (PDF 68 KB)



In-principle Decisions for the General and Canterbury Earthquakes Special Circumstances Provisions (PDF 102 KB)


Review of the assessment framework - Part 1: Potential changes to the framework  (PDF 205 KB)

Supporting document: Appendix to Review of the assessment framework (PDF 271 KB)

13 July -
21 August 2015


PBRF Assessment Framework (Part 1) Feedback Summary (PDF 80 KB)


In-principle Decisions for the Assessment Framework (Part 1) (PDF 205 KB)


Review of the TEO audit process (PDF 211 KB) 

13 July -
21 August 2015


PBRF TEO Audit Process
Feedback Summary (PDF 79 KB)


Decisions on the TEO Audit Process (PDF 117 KB)



Review of the technical specifications for the 2018 quality evaluation information technology system (PDF 235 KB) 

Technical documentation:

These documents are available on request:

  • Draft Evidence Portfolio Schema Definition
  • Draft Evidence Portfolio Template
  • Draft Staff Data File Specification  
13 July - 
21 August 2015


PBRF technical specifications and sector Feedback Summary (PDF 68 KB)

Decisions on the technical specifications (PDF 153 KB)


Review of the assessment framework - Part 2 (PDF 297 KB) 

30 November 2015 - 9 February 2016


PBRF Assessment  Framework (Part 2) Feedback Summary (PDF 110 KB)

Decisions on Assessment Framework (PDF 125 KB)