Pre-purchased English Language Tuition (PELT)

Pre-purchased English Language Tuition (PELT)

Last updated 14 May 2024
Last updated 14 May 2024

This page has information for tertiary education organisations (TEOs) on Pre-purchased English Language Tuition (PELT) for migrants.

Some migrants are required to pay English language tuition fees to Immigration New Zealand when they apply for their visas, before they arrive in New Zealand.

We administer pre-purchased English tuition funding on behalf of Immigration New Zealand. This funding enables migrants who have paid these fees to enrol in English language courses in New Zealand.

The funding is only for English language courses offered by PELT-approved TEOs. It covers the student fees for the course(s) the migrant wishes to enrol in.

The amount of funding per migrant depends on their English language proficiency at the time they applied for their visa.

We pay the migrant’s student fees to their chosen approved TEO once we receive the TEO’s confirmation of their enrolment in the PELT course(s).

Enrolling a migrant learner in a PELT course

To enrol a migrant learner, email a:

to our Customer Contact Group at, 10 working days or more after the student starts the course.

How to apply to be an approved PELT TEO

Email your expression of interest in being an approved PELT TEO to our Customer Contact Group at

Further information

Please contact our Customer Contact Group by email at or by phone on 0800 601 301 if you have any questions.