Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last updated 4 September 2020
Last updated 4 September 2020

Q: What can the funding be used for?

A: Use of funding must be in line with the purpose of the PTE TAF. You must only use the funding to operate at a minimum viable level agreed with the TEC. This includes operational costs (for example any potential hibernation costs) and capital costs (for example, costs of implementing new methods of delivery for learners) outlined in our funding conditions. Your application must set out how you will use the funding. The funding requested must be used by 30 June 2021.

Q: When is the deadline for applications?

A: Applications close on Friday 5pm 11 September 2020.

Q: What are the reporting requirements?

A: Organisations that receive funding from the PTE TAF must provide TEC with the following information at the intervals outlined in their funding letter:

  • the amount of PTE TAF funding used
  • the areas the funding was used on, and
  • any other reporting requested in the funding letter.

Q: If my organisation is based in Auckland, does that mean that I will not be able to apply for the PTE TAF funding?

A: PTEs based in Auckland are able to apply, so long as they meet all of the eligibility criteria. PTEs are not required to meet all of the assessment criteria. Some PTEs based in Auckland may meet part of the regional significance criteria (for example by offering a unique programme), and be able to demonstrate a strong contribution to skills development.

Q: Can my organisation apply for additional funding?

A: PTE TAF will only have one application round. There is currently no plan to run an additional funding round in the future; however, if this changes we will let the sector know.

Q: Can an English language school apply for both the PTE ESOL Provision Fund and PTE Targeted Assistance Fund?

A: Yes as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Q: Is there a limit on how much my organisation can apply funding for?

A: The PTE TAF is a competitive fund with a limited amount of funding available for eligible providers. Although there is no limit on how much each provider can apply for, the funding allocation will be based on the assessment of each application.

Q: What happens if my organisation were to apply for hibernation?

A: If you have already applied or intend to apply for hibernation, you must disclose that in your application form. Your proposed funding can include any potential business cost that may be incurred during hibernation and re-opening.

Q: Can I appeal the outcome of my funding decision?

A: PTEs can appeal the outcome of their application by the date stated in their funding outcome letter. Details on the process to appeal will also be outlined in the letter.

Q: Some PTEs eligible for this fund don’t have any relationship with TEC. Why is the application process being run by TEC?

A: The TEC is experienced in administering funding to tertiary education organisations, including PTEs. The TEC will be using an interagency assessment panel including representatives from the Ministry of Education (MoE), Education New Zealand (ENZ) and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to inform decisions about allocation of this funding.

Q: Who is involved in the assessment process?

A: The assessment process involves an inter-agency collaboration between the TEC, NZQA, ENZ and MoE.

Q: Can I apply for this funding if I’m already receiving funding from TEC?

A: Yes you can apply for funding as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

Q: When will I know that I have been successful with my application or not?

A: We will inform you of your application outcome as soon as we finish assessing all applications. Following the application period from 31 August to 11 September 2020, assessment and processing of funding decisions will be from middle to end of September. The first instalment of the PTE TAF funding is likely to be paid out in early October 2020.

Q: Does my organisation need to provide a security agreement to the TEC if we receive the PTE TAF funding?

A: The TEC may require a security agreement if we have concerns about any foreseeable financial risks in your organisation.

Q: If my programmes are not contributing to industry priorities identified by the TEC, what should I write?

A: You can explain what programmes you have and how they are contributing to other industries.

Q: If my organisation receives PELT funding, do I still need to provide a new organisation form with my application?

A: If your organisation is not currently funded by the TEC, or only contracted by TEC to deliver PELT programmes on behalf of MBIE, we require you to complete a ‘new organisation request form’, including the notification of your nominated bank account for direct crediting. You can download the form.

New Organisation Request form (Word, 309 Kb)