FAQs for Learners

FAQs for Learners

Last updated 19 May 2020
Last updated 19 May 2020

How do I know if I’m eligible to access this Hardship Fund?

Most domestic tertiary learners who are currently enrolled and facing hardship from COVID-19 are eligible to receive this funding. Contact your tertiary provider to check if you are eligible.

However, if you are an industry trainee, you are not eligible for this specific fund. Support for industry training will be through the Trades and Apprenticeships Training Package recently announced.  You are not eligible if you are part of an employer-led workplace literacy and numeracy programme. International students also cannot access this fund.

How can I access the fund?

The fund will be allocated to your tertiary provider. Contact your provider and talk about what support you require.

What can this money be used for?

This money can be used to cover basic living costs that you are unable to meet such as food, utilities, rent or other unexpected expenses. This money cannot be used by your tertiary provider to subsidise accommodation they provide. Costs related to transitioning to online learning should be met through the Technology Access Fund for Learners.

Why do I have to go through my tertiary provider to access this fund?

Most tertiary providers already have the infrastructure in place to identify your needs and provide support. Distributing this fund through your provider allows you to receive the funding quickly. Providers are also best placed to understand the hardship needs within their student populations, which enables them to prioritise the funding more effectively.

How much can I receive from this fund?

There is no cap on how much support you can receive. However, your provider is expected to spend the fund responsibly and in a way that is consistent with the purpose of the fund. They are required to keep records and report the amount of money given to you. Their total spend and the number of learners they supported will be published and periodically updated on the TEC’s website.