Reporting and monitoring – English Language Teaching

Reporting and monitoring – English Language Teaching

Last updated 31 May 2024
Last updated 31 May 2024

This page provides information about tertiary education organisations’ (TEOs’) reporting on English Language Teaching – Intensive Literacy and Numeracy (ELT) delivery, and how we monitor their performance.

TEOs with an indicative allocation of ELT funding submit a completed mix of provision (MoP) template to us via Workspace 2. We approve the MoP through the Investment Plan (Plan) approval process.

We monitor TEOs’ reported delivery against these commitments and other requirements and expectations that we set TEOs.


Templates for the two progress reports and one final report are available for TEOs to complete and submit by the due dates on Workspace 2.

The reports relate to the specific delivery commitments outlined in the Plan. They cover the funded calendar year; they are cumulative and build on the information supplied in the previous reporting period for the funding year. After you submit a progress report, we will release it back to you for further data entry (i.e., the cumulative information).


We monitor TEO performance and practices to understand their performance in the sector, and to inform our decisions about future funding they may receive.

We monitor a TEO’s:

  • achievement of MoP delivery commitments
  • compliance with ELT funding conditions for the relevant year
  • compliance with legislative requirements
  • hours and intensity of delivery, and
  • achievement of other expectations that we communicate to TEOs.