Funding and payments

Funding and payments

Last updated 8 February 2022
Last updated 8 February 2022

Funding for Emergency Management (ACE) provision is allocated in equivalent full-time students (EFTS).


The Emergency Management (ACE) funding mechanism is issued by the Minister responsible for tertiary education. The funding mechanism outlines the general form and essential components of the fund. It provides the mandate for us to allocate the funding and what the funding can be used for, and details how we administer the fund.

A tertiary education organsiation (TEO) that receives Emergency Management (ACE) funding is required to:

Funding rate

Funding for Emergency Management (ACE) is set through the Government’s annual budget process.

Funding is agreed via a funding agreement. 

Emergency Management (ACE) allocations for 2021 have increased to accommodate a 1.6% increase in course funding rates.

We determine the amount of Emergency Management (ACE) funding for a TEO.


We pay funding for Emergency Management (ACE) provision in monthly instalments on the first banking day of each month.

Payment amounts are equal from January to June, and equal from July to December.

Funding wash-ups

The 2021 methodology and technical specifications for the calculation of funding wash-ups can be found in the Calculating the 2021 wash-up document.

Calculating the 2021 wash-up (PDF, 1.2 Mb)