Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting

Last updated 17 March 2017
Last updated 17 March 2017

This page sets out monitoring and reporting requirements for the Adult Literacy Educator (ALE) Fund.


All tertiary education organisations (TEOs) that receive funding from the Adult Literacy Educator Fund are monitored against the performance indicators and delivery commitments agreed with us through their Investment Plan (Plan).

We monitor delivery of Adult Literacy Educator funded programmes through:

  • learner numbers (actual course enrolment numbers)
  • credit and qualification completion rates
  • learning outcomes, and
  • anything else that may be relevant to the TEO, its Adult Literacy Educator programme, or learners.

We also monitor TEOs delivering Adult Literacy Educator funded programmes against the following minimum performance indicator:

  • 80 percent of learners complete at least 40 credits towards an approved adult literacy educator qualification over a 12 month period.

We may use performance information to inform future funding decisions.


TEOs must submit three reports for the funded calendar year though Workspace 2, as outlined in Condition: Reports. This includes two progress reports and one final report.

The report template (Data Collection for Adult Literacy Educator Grant) must be used and the report submitted through Workspace 2.

Progress reports relate to the specific delivery commitments outlined in the Plan. The reports cover the funded calendar year; they are cumulative and build on the information supplied in the previous reporting period. After the report template with progress information has been submitted, it will be released back to the TEO for further data entry (i.e. the cumulative information for that calendar year).

Reporting requirements for Adult Literacy Educator funded TEOs are:

  • the number of qualification completions 12 months after study starts, and
  • the number of students who are on track to complete their qualification 12 months after study starts, followed by qualification completions data 24 months after study starts. 

See also Condition: Enrolment records for additional information about reporting requirements.

Reporting on previous years' Adult Literacy Educator funding

In 2015 a minimum of 80 percent of learners needed to complete an approved adult literacy educator qualification within the required timeframe. Tertiary education institutions (TEIs) that received Adult Literacy Educator funding were required to meet this performance requirement.

As a consequence, TEIs that delivered approved qualifications of 120 credits at NZQF level 6 and above in 2014 and 2015 are still required to report against this performance measure. These TEOs are now required to report actual qualification completions, 36 months later (having already reported the number of students who were on track to complete the qualification 12 and 24 months after study started).