Resources and support to improve capability and performance

Rauemi tautoko i ngā āheinga me ngā whakatutukitanga

Last updated 27 February 2017
Last updated 27 February 2017

This page provides information on the resources and support available for tertiary providers, educators and employers wishing to improve their capability and performance in literacy and numeracy practices.

Support for tertiary education organisations (TEOs) and educators to improve performance

We fund a number of services and support tools to help TEOs improve their literacy and numeracy practices. These are outlined below.

The National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults

The National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults is funded by us to lead a national programme of professional development and educational services to improve the effectiveness of providers and educators.

The National Centre’s activities include face-to-face and online professional development, literacy and numeracy resources and workshops, and providing advisory and whole-of-organisation capability support to tertiary education providers.

The National Centre also manages the Te Arapiki Ako website. This website has a wealth of resources and information on how to embed literacy and numeracy skills development for learners effectively

This includes more information on embedding literacy and numeracy, and on how to use the Assessment Tool effectively. 

Te Arapiki Ako

Workshop pages on the Te Arapiki Ako website

He Taunga Waka

Ako Aotearoa provides professional development workshops and organisational support for educators and organisations who work with Māori and Pasifika learners to improve their literacy and numeracy outcomes.

The He Taunga Waka programme complements other professional development provided by the National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults.

Ako Aotearoa website 

Adult Literacy Educator (ALE) Fund

This fund provides support for educators studying for qualifications in teaching adult literacy and numeracy. The purpose of ALE funding is to build the capability of educators and trainers to effectively teach adult literacy and numeracy.

Visit the Adult Literacy Educator Fund section.

Qualification requirements for literacy and numeracy educators

Refer to National literacy and numeracy qualifications for educators on the Literacy and numeracy capability – our expectations page.

Skills Highway support for employers

As well as the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund, we support employers through the Skills Highway programme to identify best practice and help them develop and maintain workplace literacy and numeracy programmes.

Learn how literacy and numeracy training can help your workplace:

Learning tools and resources

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool)

The Assessment Tool is an online adaptive tool that provides reliable information on the reading, writing and numeracy skills of adults. Use of the Assessment Tool is a funding condition for tertiary education organisations receiving foundation education funding through the TEC.

Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool

Learning Progressions

Learning Progressions is a theoretical framework of literacy and numeracy skills. It details competencies in adult literacy and numeracy.  This includes advice and information on what adult learners know and can do at successive points as they develop their skills.

Learning Progression resources 

Pathways Awarua

This online self-directed literacy and numeracy learning resource is made up of pathways of modules for learners to complete at their own pace, based on competencies set out by the Learning Progressions. It can be used as a digital learning tool and as a teaching supplement.

Pathways Awarua