Kia Ōrite Toolkit for achieving equity

Kia Ōrite Toolkit for achieving equity

Last updated 6 September 2021
Last updated 6 September 2021

The Kia Ōrite Toolkit provides current, New Zealand-specific guidance to help tertiary education organisations better support disabled learners.

The Kia Ōrite Toolkit is a New Zealand code of practice to achieve an inclusive and equitable tertiary learning environment for disabled learners to succeed.

The toolkit intends to help all tertiary education organisations’ (TEOs) staff to become more confident about disability, and for managers and the wider organisation to take responsibility for implementing the toolkit’s best practices.

To help TEOs apply good practices throughout a learner’s journey, the toolkit consists of five sections, including both management and learning support implementation toolkits.

TEOs should use the toolkit when developing their Disability Action Plan (DAP).

The Kia Ōrite Toolkit is available on the ACHIEVE website

Next stage for the Kia Ōrite Toolkit

The Kia Ōrite toolkit is a living and evolving document.

A group of experts from across the tertiary education sector, coordinated by the University of Otago, developed the toolkit. It is a re-development and expansion of the ‘Kia Ōrite Code of Practice’ policy document which gave advice to the sector for over 15 years.

The development team welcomes your feedback, ideas and any resources you have for inclusion, so the toolkit can continue to evolve.

Please email your feedback, ideas and resources to with ‘EDUMIS – organisation name – Kia Ōrite in the subject line.