Payments and reporting

Payments and reporting

Last updated 7 August 2018
Last updated 7 August 2018

We make bulk payments to TEOs to cover the estimated cost of fees-free enrolments for the 2018 year. This will continue for 2019.

How are TEOs paid?

On behalf of learners, we make bulk payments on defined dates throughout 2018 to cover the estimated cost of fees-free learner enrolments for the 2018 year policy. These bulk payments, which in most cases will be paid three months in advance, will streamline the process for you.

For most providers, payments are based on each organisation’s fees data in STEO, their historic delivery volumes, 2018 funding allocation, and their StudyLink fees payment profile.

Using these sources to calculate payment amounts means:

  • most provider payments will be in advance of when they may have expected payments from StudyLink on behalf of learners, and
  • over or underpayments should be minimised.

For ITOs, payments are based on proposed fees for 2018 for the estimated number of learners and apprentices who are eligible in 2018. For most ITOs, payments are made quarterly.

When necessary, we have worked with a TEO to agree a bespoke solution for their organisation. This might be, for instance, when a new provider does not have sufficient historic data for us to complete a forecast calculation.

When are payments made?

For the majority of TEOs the first payment was made by the TEC on 3 January 2018.

Each TEO has received a payment schedule with their Fees Payment Agreement Letter, sent December 2017.

What if a TEO disagrees with the payment amount?

If you disagree with your allocation amount and/or timing of payments, you can request an evidence-based review by us.

What about over and under payments?

Bulk payments are reconciled with actual delivery data during the year and adjustments are made to future payments if needed.

We will confirm with you any amount owing for eligible learner fees. This wash-up process is similar to the current wash-up for under or over delivery.

Reporting dates

See our business calendar for fees-free reporting dates.