Advising learners

Advising learners

Last updated 25 October 2018
Last updated 25 October 2018

This page sets out what you should advise learners about their fees-free eligibility, how to invoice learners correctly, and how Student Loans work with fees-free.


Learners need to go to to check their eligibility

Once a learner has entered their National Student Number (NSN), they’ll receive one of the following results:

  • Yes – the learner is eligible for fees-free.
  • No – the learner isn’t eligible for fees-free.
  • Unknown – we’re not sure if the learner is eligible for fees-free.
  • 2018 starter – the learner is eligible and has been reported as undertaking study and/or training in 2018.

Learners with an unknown eligibility status, who meet the eligibility criteria, need to complete and submit a statutory declaration before we can recognise them as eligible for fees-free. Please encourage learners to do this as soon as possible.

Learners with an unknown eligibility status - the statutory declaration process

Instructions for completing the statutory declaration form are at

The statutory declaration process requires learners to return a witnessed declaration to the TEC for verification, attesting to their eligibility for fees-free study or training.

Once we’ve received a statutory declaration form, we update the Fees Free Eligibility spreadsheet on your Workspace 2 to confirm whether the learner is eligible or not. This process may take up to two business days.

How Student Loans and Allowances work with fees-free

Learners undertaking provider-based study who aren’t eligible for fees-free, or eligible learners whose fees exceed $12,000, are able to apply for a Student Loan and/or Student Allowance.

For more information on Student Loans and Allowances see StudyLink website.

Please note, learners undertaking industry training are not eligible for a Student Loan or Student Allowance.

Read more about how fees-free is applied to high cost courses such as approved aviation programmes for pilot training. (PDF, 612 Kb)