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Our customer survey finds out how we’re doing

Our customer survey finds out how we’re doing

Last updated 30 May 2017
Last updated 05/30/2017

In June we completed a survey of our customers to find out what it’s like doing business with us, what’s working well in the way we interact with you, and where we need to improve.

This is the fourth time we have run our annual Partner and Provider survey. This year, we invited more than 400 people from more than 50 tertiary education organisations to participate. We also invited other key customers including business and industry.

We sought responses from those who have day-to-day interactions with us to those who are in more senior and strategic roles. Responses to the survey are anonymous.

We will report the results of the survey to our Board, our Minister and our staff and provide a high-level score in our annual report.

Feedback in previous years has led directly to positive changes in the way we work at the TEC.

All invitees received a link to the survey in an email from SenateSHJ which ran the survey on our behalf. The survey has now closed.

If you have any questions about the survey, email