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SAC competitive processes encourage quality provision at competitive prices

SAC competitive processes encourage quality provision at competitive prices

Last updated 17 November 2016
Last updated 11/17/2016

We will soon be advising providers of the results and outcomes of the Student Achievement Component (SAC) levels 1 and 2 competitive process and the SAC levels 3 and 4 competitive pilot for agriculture, horticulture and viticulture for 2017 and 2018 funding.

SAC competitive processes provide us with the opportunity to invest in provision of high value to both employers and students, that creates strong pathways from education to employment, while being responsive to labour market and skills needs.

Through the competitive process we have directed our investment towards high-performing providers who can meet the demand of learners, the community and industry.  This includes learners not in employment, education and training (NEETs) and those seeking foundation-level education opportunities.

Our process applied a holistic view of provision

The processes to allocate competitive funding were outlined in the respective Request for Funding Application documents published on our website and quality assured by Audit New Zealand. 

Factors we take into consideration when undertaking a competitive process include learner and industry demand, opportunities to increase delivery and improve outcomes, TEO performance information and the value for money of proposed provision.

This ensures the funding we allocate to providers reflects supply, demand, regional and national needs and that provision is funded at a rate that reflects the cost of delivery.  

What happens next

We have had initial conversations with all SAC level 1 and 2 applicants to give them an early indication of funding levels and will be confirming these results with them shortly.

Our Investment Managers will shortly be contacting SAC levels 3 and 4 applicants about the outcomes of the pilot. This will be followed up by an indicative allocation letter.

We have published the outcome of the SAC 1 and 2 competitive process - see: 2016 SAC levels 1 and 2 competitive process.

As soon as we have formally notified all applicants for the SAC 3 and 4 competitive pilot, we will publish the results on our website. Meanwhile you can read more about the process on the SAC levels 3 and 4 competitive pilot fund page.