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NZQA consulting on new definition for learning hours

NZQA consulting on new definition for learning hours

Last updated 16 May 2017
Last updated 05/16/2017

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is inviting sector feedback on an updated definition of “learning hours”.

We have been working with NZQA, the Ministry of Education and sector representatives on the new definition for learning hours which is “all planned learning activities leading toward the achievement of programme or qualification learning outcomes”.

One credit will remain equivalent to 10 notional learning hours. The new definition reflects that all learning within an approved programme is planned (ie, directed). It will require tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to outline to learners all of the learning activities that make up the total learning hours of the programme leading to qualification learning outcomes.

Specifically, the updated definition means that previously, where TEOs were not necessarily required to detail the elements that may make up self-directed learning, they will now be required to do so and provide and keep evidence of it.

You can give feedback on this proposal by filling in the survey. The survey closes at 6 pm on Friday 23 June.

For more information see Updating the definition of learning hours (on NZQA’s website). If you have any questions please email