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Launch of PSO information products

Launch of PSO information products

Last updated 11 May 2018
Last updated 05/11/2018

Two new Ngā Kete information products are now available to TEOs – Post-Study Outcomes of Young Graduates, and Post-Study Outcomes by TEO.

Post-Study Outcomes of Young Graduates provides information about employment outcomes and earnings by level of study and NZSCED.

Post-Study Outcomes by TEO provides TEO-level data about outcomes for learners who completed qualifications by level of study, age, ethnicity, and gender.

These information products give TEOs detailed insights into the performance of their provision and the outcomes of learners’ study or training. The information products enable TEC to make better, more informed decisions, from a consistent evidence base.

TEOs are expected to use this information about learners’ employment outcomes when developing Plans for 2019-21 funding approval.

We will provide an update to our Investment Briefs which will identify provision where outcomes for learners are not as good as other areas of provision. As part of our engagement with TEOs over their Investment Plans, we will ask how TEOs intend to improve outcomes for learners in these areas of provision.

You can access these information products via Ngā Kete. They form part of the TEC’s Investment Toolkit.