Qualification completion rate (for performance-linked funding)

Qualification completion rate (for performance-linked funding)

Last updated 1 November 2016
Last updated 11/01/2016

When developing performance-linked funding, we introduced, after consulting withtertiary education organisations (TEOs), a weighted rolling average to calculate the qualification completion rate. This was to smooth the impact of TEOs’ fluctuating enrolments.

Our initial calculations of 2013 performance-linked funding results, however, showed that a weighted rolling average could have had unintended consequences for some TEOs.

Because of this, and because the sector had shown year-on-year performance improvement, we decided to only apply the weighted rolling average when the resulting adjustment was lower than when based on the previous year’s performance.

This means that the qualification completion rate is now based on either the previous year’s performance data only or a three year weighted rolling average, whichever results in a smaller funding adjustment.

When the weighted rolling average is used, it is with the following weightings:

  • 50% weighting on the previous year’s data
  • 30% weighting on the data from two years before
  • 20% weighting on data from three years before.