Trades Academies

Trades Academies

Last updated 27 October 2016
Last updated 10/27/2016

Trades Academies deliver trades and technology programmes for senior secondary school students (years 11–13). They provide a transition between school and tertiary education.

Who applies:  Community education, ITOs, ITPs, PTEs, REAPs, schools, universities, wānanga

Agreed through:  Contract (off Plan)

Trades Academies and their programmes are designed to:

  • motivate students to stay engaged in learning
  • provide a greater number of options for study and training
  • clarify pathways from education into work. 

About Trades Academies

Trades Academies are partnerships between schools, tertiary education organisations (TEOs) and employers. 

To be a Trades Academy, a lead provider (such as a school or TEO) of a group of organisations must be recognised by the Minister of Education. 

In 2015 the TEC will provide funding for 12 TEO-based Trades Academies, with approximately 5,250 fees-free places available.

The programme and who it is for

The joint approach from schools and TEOs is part of the Government’s Youth Guarantee initiative, called a secondary-tertiary programme (STP).  STPs are designed to transition students from school to tertiary education, including vocational education.

Trades Academies are for students who are already enrolled in secondary school, but the programme combines both secondary and tertiary education, and includes relevant work experience. Students aim to achieve the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) at level 2 (or level 3), and work towards a trades-related tertiary qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) at level 1, 2, or 3.

What to do if you wish to enrol

Students and their families interested in finding out more about enrolling in a Trades Academy programme should contact their school in the first instance.  You can also contact a Trades Academy directly. You can find a list of Trades Academies on the Current Trades Academies page. You can also see a map of Trades Academies on the Youth Guarantee website