2018 Quality Evaluation FAQs - general

2018 Quality Evaluation FAQs - general

Last updated 25 November 2016
Last updated 11/25/2016

These FAQs relate to changes from the PBRF 2012 Quality Evaluation to the PBRF 2018 Quality Evaluation.   

Q. What has changed from the 2012 Quality Evaluation round?

A. There have been a number of changes to the 2018 Quality Evaluation process. These include, but are not limited to:

  • overseas-based staff are no longer eligible to participate in the Quality Evaluation process
  • a reduction in the maximum number of Other Research Outputs to 12 outputs
  • a new Platform of Research – Contextual Summary section
  • the Research Contribution component combines, replaces and expands the scope of the Peer Esteem and Contribution to the Research Environment components
  • Special Circumstances has been replaced by Extraordinary Circumstances
  • TEOs are not able to request cross-referral of EPs to other panels
  • Expert Advisory Groups and Specialist Advisors have been disestablished 
  • changes to the Average Quality Score (AQS) measures and how we report results
  • an increase in the funding weighting for new and emerging researchers
  • a new Pacific Research Panel.

To read about the Cabinet decisions on changes in this round, please refer to the PBRF Factsheet.

To read our PBRF Sector Reference Group (SRG) proposals for change and decisions, please refer to the SRG Consultation Papers.

Please ensure that you read the guidelines thoroughly so that you are clear about the 2018 round.  

Refer to the PBRF Resources and publications page to view operational guidelines.