Information for students

Information for students

Last updated 3 November 2016
Last updated 11/03/2016

This page provides information for students about the Medical Trainee Intern Grant.

The Medical Trainee Intern Grant is a payment of $26,756 (GST exempt) per equivalent full-time student (EFTS). Students can only receive the Medical Trainee Intern Grant once. 

From 2016 there are changes to how the grant is administered for some students.

How the grant is paid

Most students will receive the grant from their university in 12 monthly payments over the course of their enrolment in their sixth year. Graduate-entry students may choose to receive the grant differently.  

How the grant is paid to graduate-entry students

A “graduate-entry” student is a student who has completed a bachelor’s degree or higher-level qualification before entering the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programme.  

Graduate-entry students can elect to have the grant paid to them in one instalment at the beginning of their studies which may help them pay their tuition fees, if they wish. Alternatively, they may choose to have the grant paid in 12 monthly payments over the course of their enrolment.  

For more information about this option, please contact your university.   

More information about student allowances and student loans

For information about student support please visit  

For more information about the recent changes to the borrowing limits for medical students, please see StudyLink’s frequently asked questions