Funding for 2018

Funding for 2018

Last updated 8 September 2017
Last updated 09/08/2017

Consortia are invited to apply for Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) funding for 2018. 

Submission Process

2018 MPTT RFA Application Process and Assessment Methodology (PDF, 1 Mb)

2018 MPTT Application Form (Word, 880 Kb)

Submit your application as a PDF document using the 2018 MPTT Application Form. The application must not be mailed or faxed, or any part of it sent directly to any TEC staff member. Note: there is a maximum word count for each section of 500 words.  

Submit your PDF application to before 5.00pm, Thursday 14 September 2017.

Please enter: Edumis - Consortium name - MPTT-2018 application in the subject line of your email.

Your consortium partner tertiary education organisations (TEOs) also need to submit their MPTT mixes of provision (MoPs) for 2018 through Workspace 2. 

The deadline to submit this is 5.00pm, Thursday 14 September 2017.

Only applications (including MoPs) received before the deadline will be considered.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and any withdrawal of your application via email within one day of the closing deadline.

We will assess your application and advise you of the outcome. Please refer to the 2018 MPTT RFA Application Process and Assessment Methodology (PDF, 1 Mb) to understand how your application will be assessed. 

Funding decisions will be made as soon as possible to assist tertiary education providers and consortia plan for delivery in 2018. Funding decisions will be made through the Plan approval process, including approval of the MoP(s) submitted.

View the timeline below, for a summary of key activity and indicative dates. 

Successful applications

Indicative allocations

We will communicate an indicative allocation to each successful applicant consortium in writing.

Final funding decisions

We will make a final funding decision for each successful applicant consortium by sending you a contract.  

More information

Answers to questions received about the 2018 MPTT funding process are published on the Funding for 2018 - questions page. 

Indicative timeline 


Opening date for submission of applications for MPTT

14 August 2017

Deadline for submission of applications and mixes of provision

14 September 2017

MPTT Panel Assessment

September 2017

TEC negotiates funding allocations for consortia (consortium funding) and TEOs (fees top-ups and brokerage funding)

October 2017

TEC releases funding confirmation for consortia (consortium funding)

November 2017

Funding confirmation for TEOs released (fees top-ups and brokerage funding)

December 2017

2018 delivery begins

From January 2018